Why Register?

Why Register?

There is a better, more efficient way to find the perfect job: the Octopus way!

Passionate about finding the right people for the right jobs, our mission is to ensure the perfect match for candidate and client. If you’re looking for a job, either permanent, temporary, part time or full time, then we have a wide range of current vacancies with some of the most dynamic companies in the South West.

Once registered, we will work closely with you to find roles that match your skills, experience and interests. We meet with all our candidates face-to-face to help us understand your goals and personal interests, so we can match you to the right opportunities.

Our team is dedicated to providing you ongoing support and advice, not just to find you that perfect job, but to help to work towards your goals and build your career.

Registering is simple! Click register now or click on the send us your CV link and we’ll be in touch asap. Once you are registered, you’ll receive a text, email or telephone call as soon as a relevant position becomes available so many of the jobs are filled even before they are advertised.

If you find a job that you would like to apply for and are not already registered, simply click apply now and complete the registration form, or give us a call on 01747 825568 to arrange to come in and see one of the team.