Online Video Recruitment

Online Video Recruitment

We know that one of the biggest frustrations when recruiting is time spent conducting interviews with candidates who are the completely wrong fit – especially in such challenging times. We also know that a third of businesses make an immediate decision on whether to hire in 90 seconds.

We have a solution.

See beyond the CV.

We use video technology to present the right candidates to hiring managers, cutting out unnecessary, time-consuming first stage interviews. Our experienced consultants interview every candidate we register and use these tools to offer you better matches, in less time. No location barriers mean we can access a wider pool of talent, and ensure the best candidates are the ones we safely and remotely present to you.

Our video recruitment platform can be accessed from phone, tablet, laptop or desktop anywhere, connecting candidate and client with ease and allowing you to make a confident decision to interview candidates who demonstrate their skills from the moment you press play.

Our unrivalled knowledge and commitment to making a difference is why Octopus Personnel has developed such a comprehensive network of local contacts and working partnerships, resulting in a targeted approach that minimises the cost of attracting quality staff.

If you’re an employer looking for proven management skills or candidates with executive potential, trained craftsman or enthusiastic labourers – we have the knowledge and expertise to find you that perfect candidate quickly and safely.

Our secret? We love what we do and we get a genuine kick out of changing people’s lives for the better and for helping our clients to grow and expand their businesses.

Whatever your requirements, we’re here to help.  Call us on 01747 825568 or request a call back for more information.