The Best Biscuit 2019!

Which of the nation’s favourites ‘will take the biscuit’ as the best for 2019?

On National Biscuit Day 2019, Alice Weeks, Octopus Personnel Trainee Recruitment Consultant, uses her extensive experience to evaluate the competitors and predict the ultimate winner.

There are just under 30 different types of biscuits this year which are runners and riders for the ultimate biscuit 2019, but here at Octopus Personnel, we know what we like! I will take you through our best biscuits for every moment of the day and predict my ultimate winner!

Simply the best? Digestives

Plain and simply perfect, the digestive is the ultimate morning biscuit. Crunchy, satisfying and perfect with that pick-me-up coffee! They may not be the most exciting biscuit, but they always get the job done. I must caution you, however, that their dunkability is somewhat lacking. I would definitely expect these delights to be in the top five!

The perfect sandwich: Bourbons

Mid-morning, you need a biscuit to drive your productivity, light up your neurons, help you power through to lunch. What should you reach for? A classic: the bourbon. Dunkability is excellent! Melting the chocolate in the middle is delicious. Each person in the office has a different way of eating them, but the net result is the same – biscuit JOY!

You’ve made it past lunch! Now you need a classic with a little twist and, yes, they are biscuits! I love the fruity refreshment of a fig roll mid-afternoon to refocus me. The biscuit part does the heavy lifting here. It’s smooth, crunchy and slightly doughy which works well with the fig filling. In fairness to the fig, it’s heavily sweetened so that it doesn’t feel overly healthy, but it is! It’s practically one of your five a day!

A lady’s biscuit: Custard Creams

Being identified as the most dangerous to eat will not stop me! That’s the kind of tough, biscuit rebel I am. Whilst the dunkability can lead to scaldings, there is nothing like a custard cream about 4 p.m. A lovely cup of tea is the perfect accompaniment and they look equally beautiful presented on a plate or saucer! What more could you want?

Biscuit of Champions: Chocolate Hobnobs

The Ultimate winner has to be the chocolate hobnob. Its oaty goodness is unrivaled for filing you up whilst the sweetness of the chocolate kicks you into taste heaven! You can dunk it or eat it on its own. It’s a real workhorse of a biscuit which will carry you all the way through to tea-time. The biscuit of champions: the chocolate Hobnob!

Have I convinced you? If it’s a job, not a biscuit, you are really searching for, we have the tastiest treats at Octopus Personnel!

We are experts at presenting our candidates to ensure the employer is able to see all the skills and experience you are bringing to a role. Years of industry expertise and outstanding relationships with our clients, and grasp of the needs of their business, means we are perfectly positioned within the market to guide you to your new role or to the right employee who will drive your business forward. You can sign up here and call the office on 01747 825568 to arrange an interview.

Erin Belmont

About the author

I look after the marketing for Octopus – from the social media and website you see online to the events we put on throughout the year.

I love being in the middle of things, soaking up the lively dynamic atmosphere. The team at Octopus really care about our job searchers and clients and do everything they can to understand everyone’s needs and make intelligent and productive job matches. Their drive and fun loving spirit inspire me every day!