Would temporary work suit me?


Temping means you control your hours and how often you work! You fit work around your life rather than life around work. Temping often means you get a chance to access to a variety of duties which will develop vital skills and enhance you CV Temporary work gives you the opportunity to explore your career options and try out various different roles, a sort of try before you buy!

Temp work often means you have a foot in the door should a permanent position become available. Temporary employees enjoy the same basic working and employment conditions that they would receive if they were a permanent employee doing the same job, limited to pay and conditions. Temp jobs open up a world of opportunity, sometimes the least expected opportunity can lead to a life changing career change.

If you would like know more about Temporary Working and whether it’s right for you please call us on 01747 825568.

Temp of the Year 2018


The Octopus Personnel Temp of the Year 2018, John Prout, discusses his reaction to the award, his new permanent role with Hillbrush and his advice for other temps.  Read more here.


Make sure you are paid on time each weekly by following our simple guide to submitting your timesheet.

How to submit your Timesheet - Octopus Personnel

  • Stuart – January 2020

    Stuart - January Octopus Personnel Temp of the Month 2020

    Stuart is one of the most easy going and hardworking temps we have had at Octopus. His flexible nature and great approach to working has made a huge impression on us all. Stuart has now secured himself a full time position and we know he will go on to do great things.

    Thank you Stuart from all of us at Octopus Personnel.

  • James – December 2019

    Octopus Personnel Temp of the Month December James

    James was nominated for Temp of the Month by his Team Leader due to the high standard of service he provided to the company and support to his team.

    He has always received such amazing feedback and we certainly were not surprised when the certificate of recognition landed in our inbox.

    Your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed and it was lovely to present the award to you in your work place and see how highly you were thought of.

    Thank you for setting a great benchmark for Octopus Personnel temporary workers!

  • Amanda – November 2019

    Octopus Personnel Temp of the Month November Amanda

    Amanda is such a wonderful temp!  She has been working for us on a seasonal assignment proving throughout to be extremely hard working and reliable.

    She did not let the busy period phase her and was a great representative of Octopus Personnel!

    We cannot thank Amanda enough!

  • Eric – October 2019

    Octopus Personnel Temp of the Month October 2019 - Eric

    From the moment Eric came in  to meet with us he was keen to explore and consider any role. Committed, friendly and always ready to tell a great story, Eric always leave an impression with the people he meets.

    Your values and work ethic proceeds itself; thank you for being reliable and always having time.

    We cannot wait for you to return from your travels and we hope you have a well-deserved break.

  • Simon – September 2019

    Simon has worked for Octopus for many years and always proves to be a reliable and fantastic worker.

    His kind and flexible approach to work has made him a great temp of ours and one we know we can always rely on.

    Congratulations Simon and thank you for all your hard work!

  • Kat – August 2019

    A image of Kat August Temp of the Month Octopus Personnel

    Kat has been a wonderful, kind, hard-working, welcoming and dedicated temp who has thrown herself into becoming one of the team.

    Thank you for your great smile, amazing baking and love of life!

  • Richard – July 2019

    Richard - Octopus Personnel Temp of the Month July 2019

    Richard has a down to earth and hardworking approach.  He has received such fabulous feedback and is clearly highly thought of amongst his colleagues.

    Thank you for going over and above and being a great team player!

  • Owen – May 2019

    May Temp of the Month for Octopus Personnel

    Owen has been a fantastic temp for us!  He is reliable and hardworking and always brings such a smile to all our faces when he pops in the office. Owen has now been offered a permanent position  and we are so happy to have helped him on his journey.

    Congratulations Owen!!

  • Julie – April 2019

    Image of April Temp of the Month Octopus Personnel
    Julie continues to be an exceptional temp for Octopus Personnel. Reliable, self-directed and great fun, we can rely on Julie and we are thrilled to give her Temp of the Month.
    An asset to any business – well done Julie!