10 things I love about temping

Temping is great. Yes, I know I’m going to say that as it’s my job but there are so many reasons why choosing to temp is a great work solution for so many people. For some it’s a way to fit work around their lives. For others it’s a stop gap while they look for a permanent job.

Many employers choose to use temporary workers through an agency. Temporary workers help employers to respond to changing customer demand or to help them deliver a project on time.

There are different ways to temp. You can pick and choose different shifts or events to earn some extra money when you need it. You can pick up a short-term temping assignment that can last anything from a couple days to a few months without committing to a permanent contract. We also have ongoing assignments that can last several months. Whatever your reason, temping can provide you a great way of working around your personal circumstances.

Here’s my top 10 reasons why temping could be great for you.


  1. Gain great experience, fast

Temping can give you the chance to gain skills and expertise in a variety of roles, businesses, and cultures at a fast rate. You will become more adaptable and learn new skills rapidly – key attributes that employers look for when recruiting.

  1. Open new doors and network

Temping provides great networking opportunities, and many businesses who aren’t willing to commit to new permanent roles end up creating one for temps who add value to their business. Many organisations bring in temps to help them deliver a project or undergo a challenging period of change or demand on quite a fast time scale. Experienced temp workers are in high demand!

  1. Test out a potential new job or employer

Temping can provide a great opportunity for you to try your hand at something new before deciding whether it’s for you. If you are new to the market, seeking a change of career, recently been made redundant or returning to work after a period of absence, temping can provide you with opportunities to try several different organisations, roles, and projects to find the perfect fit.

  1. Improve your CV

You can quickly improve your CV with interesting temping roles – it shows you have ambition and drive, valuable transferrable skills and demonstrates that you are reliable, conscientious, and able to gel with a team quickly.

  1. Feel part of a team

Being a temp and then being offered full-time employment can be one of the most satisfying and rewarding ways of joining an organisation. Even if you must undergo a period of probation after being taken on full time, you will feel more established as part of the team. You will also get all the support and guidance you need from the Octopus team. We’re here to make sure you are happy in your assignment so its important to stay in touch and we will keep in regular contact with you and our clients.

  1. Fair, transparent pay

When you are contacted about a temping assignment, you will be given exact details about the pay rate and hours. At Octopus, you will be paid weekly based on your timesheet. You’ll also accrue holiday just like a permanent employee. There can also be overtime at enhanced rates or shift allowances too!

  1. Work/life balance, flexibility

Your temping assignment can provide you with flexibility to fit in with your current circumstances. You get to choose when you work so your home life, holidays and interests take more of a priority. If you want to pause or stop work for a period, or want to try something different, you have the flexibility to do just that.

  1. Learn new skills

Temping will give you the opportunity to see a different industry or environment at the same time as learning new skills. It is a great way to discover a new location, especially if you have recently moved. Temping can also enable you to meet new people socially – we have known many temps who have been invited back to a Christmas do long after the end of their assignment!

  1. Same rights and benefits as permanent workers

After 12 weeks as temp working through an agency, you are entitled to similar employment rights as a permanent member of staff, including the same pay, pension, and annual leave.

  1. Temping often leads to permanent employment

This happens more often than you would think. Its so important for employers to find the right fit for their existing team, so when they find a person who works well, they often offer a permanent contract rather than lose someone. Several of our Temp of the Month winners have gone on to work permanently from their assignments.


How we can help

At Octopus, I head up our temporary, contract and interim recruitment but you will find that we all work as a team to help find work for people. You’ll have access to exclusive bookings and assignments with the best clients in the local area. Our consultants concentrate on getting to know both you and your skill set, ensuring that you enjoy and gain from each assignment that you work in.

We provide temporary staffing and recruitment services across Dorset, Wiltshire, and Somerset, covering a variety of economic sectors including office & administration, manufacturing, agricultural, warehouse and other positions. Small or large volume, last-minute or planned, we work with a wide range of companies to use temporary staff to drive their businesses forward.

All our temps are entered into our Temp of the Month award, rewarding the hard work, reliability and dedication shown by our temp team. You can read about some of our previous winners here.

If you choose to take a temporary assignment but are still seeking permanent employment, don’t worry! We will always continue to actively seek roles for you, and we will work closely with each other to assist you in coordinating times for your permanent job interviews. Employers also often create a permanent role when they find an excellent employee through temp work!

You can read more on how to register with an agency, it really is easy and will make sure that we’re looking for the right job for you.

Why not join Octopus now? You can start the registration process here or email your CV to us at jobs@octopuspersonnel.co.uk. Or just call us in the office on 01747 825568.

Anna Wiklinska

About the author

I’m on hand for our industrial and hospitality recruitment here at Octopus – think warehousing, production, construction, kitchen and technical type jobs. I also run our seasonal event work – this is a great option for those wanting to earn some extra money without commitment.

I really enjoy meeting our job hunters and helping them to find work. It’s been lovely to talk to local people and find out what matters to them.