Successfully Registering with a Recruitment Agency

Lucie, Octopus Personnel Recruitment Consultant gives top tips to ensure you get the greatest benefit from your initial interview with a recruitment agency.
When any business is looking to hire new employees, it can become an incredibly costly and time-consuming process. Therefore, many shrewd employers leave it in the hands of the professionals. Recruiters work with candidates who are looking for a new career and businesses looking for new talent. Experts in their field, they can quickly build relationships which bridge the gap between requirements and experience.

Once they have built the partnerships and understood the recruitment criteria, the consultants are able to match the right personalities and experiences to the most suitable roles. So when you meet with your recruiter to register with an agency, this is your opportunity to sell yourself – your experience, your work-ethic, your desires for your career. The more you put into this appointment, the more the consultant can work effectively to find you the ideal role. Enabling your recruiter to work effectively for you is what it means to successfully register with an agency.

How can you have a successful registration?

A recruiter who is interested in you and your goals will dedicate the time to meet you face-to-face. How can they effectively represent you without this contact?

Your registration appointment is an opportunity for you to build your relationship with your recruitment consultant. This process is vital for exploring the types of clients that would be the best fit for you and your skill set. At Octopus Personnel, we are looking to find the perfect candidate for our clients and a role for you that you will be happy in. Although this is an informal meeting, it is still important to display yourself in a good light so that we can pass your CV onto our valued clients with confidence.

What do I need to take to my appointment?

When you come in to meet your recruitment consultant, you will need to take certain documentation with you.

  • A CV is a must and ideally email that to your consultant prior to your meeting (send to This will need to be submitted in a word format. Take the time to make sure it holds all the most up to date information – especially your recent employment and contact details.
  • Recruitment Agencies need to see proof that you are eligible to work in the UK and will ask to see your passport, or birth certificate and proof of your National Insurance number.
  • It’s important the agency has all of the information they need, so you will be asked to complete a registration form with address details, types of work you are looking for as well as providing references – especially if you are looking for temporary work.

What will the recruitment consultant ask?

With all the paperwork in place, your consultant will explore your CV in more detail. They will discuss what you are looking for in your new job, your salary expectations, reasons for leaving other job roles as well as telling you about the types of vacancies they recruit for.

When an agency searches its database for candidates, they use specific criteria to make sure they find the best match for the job, so don’t be alarmed about the number of questions you might be asked. It’s all part of them getting to know you and ensuring a great working partnership.

Be honest with yourself and your consultant in terms of the types of jobs you are looking for and likely to seriously consider.

Be realistic! Are your expectations achievable? Do the skills and experience that you have meet the criteria for the position that you want? Are your salary expectations reasonable?

A good recruitment consultant will also give you feedback on your CV and advise on any changes they think might be needed. They will be honest with you about your expectations to ensure they can do their best to meet them!

What happens next?

For some agencies and job roles, you will be required to undertake some assessments. If these are assigned to you, it is important that you do them as soon as possible. Your results on these will strengthen your profile when it is sent to a client.

Stay in Touch!

At Octopus Personnel, we register hundreds of candidates looking for a job every month. By keeping in contact with us this will ensure that your details are kept up to date on our database. You can drop us a text, email, phone call or candidate enquiry from our website, just to let us know how your own job search is going.

If you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, follow your chosen agency. When we get a new vacancy, it is posted on our social networking sites and website, so you can easily remain well informed about roles currently available.

Save the relevant office phone number into your mobile. This way you will know who is calling. If we can’t get hold of you we will always leave a voicemail. Listen to your voicemail if we have phoned.

When your consultant receives a new job role, they will be phoning several candidates to fill this position. It is paramount that if you have a missed call or message, you phone back as soon as you can. Remember, your consultant will be looking to get candidates and profiles over to clients as rapidly as possible.

Have I convinced you? What have you got to lose?

At Octopus Personnel, we are experts at presenting our candidates to ensure the employer is able to see all the skills and experience you are bringing to a role. Years of industry expertise and outstanding relationships with our clients, and grasp of the needs of their business, means we are perfectly positioned within the market to guide you to your new role or to the right employee who will drive your business forward. You can sign up here and call the office on 01747 825568 to arrange an interview.

Erin Belmont

About the author

I look after the marketing for Octopus – from the social media and website you see online to the events we put on throughout the year.

I love being in the middle of things, soaking up the lively dynamic atmosphere. The team at Octopus really care about our job searchers and clients and do everything they can to understand everyone’s needs and make intelligent and productive job matches. Their drive and fun loving spirit inspire me every day!