Responsible Recruitment

Responsible Recruitment


We believe that good work starts with Responsible Recruitment

Octopus Personnel is committed to driving ethical and professional recruitment and labour supply that’s good for workers, recruiters and clients.  We use the Responsible Recruitment Toolkit to ensure we robustly pursue this goal through our everyday operation, policies and procedures.  This statement is made as part of Octopus Personnel’s commitment to embed responsible recruitment practices, through self-assessment, tracking and reporting on embedding ethical and responsible management systems and business practices.

Responsible Recruitment

There are costs associated with providing the range of services integral to recruiting workers, including advertising and sourcing workers, processing applications, interviewing, worker documentation, skills assessment, placement, orientation, transportation – within or across borders – to the place of work and training on arrival.

Unfortunately, these costs are often passed on to jobseekers and workers, including through hidden fees and services, for example:

  • Exploitative mark-ups paid to various agents, brokers and middlemen involved in the recruitment process;
  • Fees for so-called optional services, which are in fact integral to the recruitment process or where workers are misled or coerced into taking out such services (e.g. health insurance and translation services);
  • Security deposits or bonds, which act as ‘runaway insurance’.

Momentum on this issue is building. More and more businesses and industry groups are making public commitments on eliminating worker-paid recruitment fees and seeking to take steps towards making their supply chains more transparent and accountable. Likewise, more and more companies are implementing remediation programmes for workers who have paid recruitment fees and related costs, focused on removing workers from conditions of debt bondage and forced labour through the reimbursement of recruitment fees and other forms of remedy.

Committing to Responsible Recruitment Principles and Practices

A comprehensive review of relevant international social compliance standards and codes, produces 27 different standards of ethical and professional recruitment and labour supply:

  1. Business structure is appropriate
  2. Ethical standards are embedded
  3. Labour supply chain due diligence
  4. Personal data is protected
  5. No recruitment fees are paid by workers
  6. Recruitment is transparent
  7. Local recruitment is promoted
  8. No child labour
  9. Legal eligibility to work is established
  10. Imposters & hidden workers are prevented*
  11. Employment status is recognised & appropriate*
  12. Wages are paid fairly & properly*
  13. Employment taxes are paid*
  14. Holiday entitlement is provided*
  15. Benefits are provided*
  16. Working time is not excessive*
  17. Work is safe*
  18. Accommodation is safe and hygienic*
  19. Transport is safe*
  20. Freedom of association is respected
  21. Opportunity & treatment is fair & equal
  22. No mistreatment is allowed*
  23. Access to remedy is ensured*
  24. Conduct & capability is managed*
  25. Employment opportunities are not prevented*
  26. Termination rights are provided*
  27. No forced labour

(*Apply to employment services labour providers only.)

Octopus Personnel’s approach

Octopus Personnel has conducted a thorough review of our business practices in line with the standards above.  Our approach is summarised in the following infographic:

Responsible Recruitment Infographic Octopus Personnel

To find out more about the Responsible Recruitment Toolkit, please visit the website here.

This statement was approved and published by the director on 19th October 2020.

Sandra Smart- Director