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We are often asked by students how they can prepare for work and make sure they are ready for that leap into employment. Last night, Octopus Personnel has the pleasure of meeting lots of students and parents at the Next Steps Careers Evening at Gillingham School. Following on from their questions, Alice Weeks, Recruitment Consultant, talks students through preparing for work, getting support and career advice from recruitment agencies.

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Many think that recruitment agencies are only for those in senior positions, but recruiters can actually help you find full-time, part-time or temping opportunities, no matter what stage of your career you’re at. This is great news for students just starting out in their working lives!

If you’re keen to know how it all works, or nervous about taking that first step, this guide has the lowdown on everything you need to know to get prepared for work!

What do Recruitment Agencies do - Octopus Personnel Preparing for Work for Students

Recruitment agencies essentially exist to help companies fill their vacancies – and to help you find a job.

We work with a wide range of the best employers in the South West. They are busy driving their businesses forward and use us to interview and select the best candidates they can short-list from. This offers a significant time saving – especially when they’re hiring for lots of roles.

At the same time, we interview every single candidate we register to get to know them – their aspirations, personality, talents and experience – so we can make the perfect match between candidate and employer. Then we help you with preparing for work, ensuring you are interview-ready by optimising your CV and coaching you on interview technique.

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First things first, our service is completely free to students and job seekers! It’s the employers who pay us to find them staff.

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  • We have jobs you won’t find elsewhere! Many companies choose recruitment agencies as their only method of sourcing new employees.
  • We are experts in the local job market. We have an extensive client list and work with some of the best employers in the South West. The cornerstone of our success is our knowledge and special relationships we have forged with the businesses that lie within the communities that we serve.
  • You’ll get expert guidance from a professional. You’ll have a dedicated consultant who’ll be able to give you loads of information, including where the best jobs are that fit your profile, what particular employers are looking for, and how to gain that all-important experience and qualifications to boost your CV and show you are prepared for working.
  • Your success is our success! We want you to succeed, so we will always go that extra mile in terms of advice, support and finding the right fit. We can help you to improve your CV and coach you for interviews – our support can be a great bonus in a competitive job market.

What do I need to do to register - Octopus Personnel Preparing for Work for Students

This process is nice and simple.

  • Make sure you have your CV ready. There are lots of guides on the internet and your school’s career service will also have advice. Make sure you’ve had a go at getting the basic information down, then we can help improve it! Submit your CV to
  • Book an appointment with one of our consultants on 01747 825568 and come in to discuss your aims and goals. This is a first interview – so remember to treat this like you would any other job interview: dress smart, prepare your answers to key questions and be professional at all times.
  • When you come to see us, relax! It’s easier said than done, but you’ll perform a lot better if you try to take the whole process in your stride. Use your experience with us as a practice run, and we’ll have plenty of tips and advice for you before you head out to your interview with an employer.

It’s much easier preparing for work with our guidance!

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You have nothing to lose and we can’t wait to meet you!

Remember that all those extra-curricular activities you do – your paper round, your Saturday job, your charity work, the teams you play for – all add depth and interest to your CV, show you are prepared for work. So keep being you and come and see us to get that all important work experience!

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At Octopus Personnel, we are experts at presenting our candidates to ensure the employer is able to see all the skills and experience you are bringing to a role, whether that’s employment or studying. Years of industry expertise and outstanding relationships with our clients, and grasp of the needs of their business, means we are perfectly positioned within the market to guide you to your new role. You can sign up here and call the office on 01747 825568 to arrange an interview.

Alice Weeks

About the author

I specialise in temporary recruitment and I’m always planning ahead, but manage to fill those last minute gaps! I really enjoy the buzz of the Octopus Office and no two days are the same. For me, it’s really important to get to know my candidates so I can support them on assignments and get the best from them.

I love baking so working in the Octopus Office with a monthly bake-off is a dream come true. I am a great listener and I know the power of a well-timed cup of tea and a biscuit!