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  • Stress-free job hunting Octopus Personnel, South West Recruitment Agency

    Stress-free Job Hunting

    At Octopus Personnel, we appreciate that searching for a new career or job is filled with constant emotional highs and lows. Battling the fear of the unknown (will you ever find a job?) is enough to make anyone feel frustrated, anxious and miserable.  Job hunting is an intense process which can seriously challenge your mental health.  For most

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  • School in a bag supported by Octopus Recruitment, South West Recruitment Agency

    Charity ‘Schoolinabag’ Bags arrive on location!

    There was real excitement in the Octopus office today – the ‘SchoolinaBag’ bags we raised funds for have reached their school! We are so proud to see the children with their bags! A massive Thank You to our clients, candidates, friends and visitors to our stand at The Gillingham & Shaftesbury Show. Raising the massive

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  • Octopus Personnel Recruitment Agency, Recruiting, Dorset Recruitment Agency, Somerset Recruitment Agency, Wiltshire Recruitment Agency, Recruitment Process

    The Key Benefits of using an Agency to handle the Recruitment Process

    Why should you use an agency to recruit new talent? Talent acquisition is tough enough. Often exhausting and frustrating, the recruitment process can take key members of staff away from their role, hampering your business.  Don’t let poor marketing, old-school approaches and lack of proper on-boarding hurt your business. If your recruitment process is not

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  • 11 Reasons you should consider temping

    11 Reasons you should consider Temping

    Read our guide below explaining 11 key benefits of temporary working and consider temping! An experienced and dedicated team of Recruitment Consultants At Octopus, we have a dedicated and experienced team with members who specialise solely in temporary, contract and interim recruitment. You’ll have access to exclusive bookings and assignments with the best clients in

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