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  • Lucie Octopus Personnel

    Successfully Registering with a Recruitment Agency

    Lucie, Octopus Personnel Recruitment Consultant gives top tips to ensure you get the greatest benefit from your initial interview with a recruitment agency. When any business is looking to hire new employees, it can become an incredibly costly and time-consuming process. Therefore, many shrewd employers leave it in the hands of the professionals. Recruiters work

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  • Temp of the Year 2018 Octopus Personnel

    Octopus Personnel Temp of the Year 2018

    The Octopus Personnel Temp of the Year 2018, John Prout, discusses his reaction to the award, his new permanent role with Hillbrush and his advice for other temps.   “It still hasn’t sunk in,”John Prout explains when asked about being awarded Octopus Personnel Temp of the Year 2018 last week.  Voted for by clients, candidates

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  • Alice Octopus Personnel

    Recruitment Agency Myth Buster: All You Need To Know

    Alice Weeks, Octopus Personnel Trainee Recruitment Consultant, dispels those persistent myths about recruitment agencies. It’s only about the money!  They don’t care about the candidates.  It’s a dog-eat-dog world.   The fees are enormous!  The recruitment industry generates a lot of myth and speculation.  Since starting with Octopus Personnel, I’ve learnt so much about how these

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  • Donna Redwood, Octopus Personnel’s Payroll and Book-Keeping Manager

    Your Payroll Questions Answered

    Donna Redwood, Octopus Personnel’s Payroll & Book-Keeping Manager, answers your key questions about Payroll, Pensions, Holiday & Sickness.  When will I be paid?  How do I find out my tax code?  Should I be paying pension contributions?  Donna takes you step by step through the most common questions related to Payroll.    What is Payroll?

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