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  • The Mindful Office: 5 Simple Ways to improve your Well-being, reduce Work Stress and increase Productivity

    Lucie, Octopus Personnel Recruitment Consultant, gives top tips to help increase your wellbeing and productivity in the office through being mindful.  From Google to the NHS and Transport for London, everyone is being mindful. Even Harvard Business School includes mindfulness principles in its leadership programmes. In fact, mindfulness fits seamlessly into the modern way of

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  • Molly, the Octopus Personnel Dog, sat on Sandra's lap answering the phone

    Working like a Dog: 5 key reasons to embrace Office Dogs

    Sandra Smart, Company Director of Octopus Personnel, lists five reasons why your company should introduce office dogs, explaining how a dog can boost staff wellbeing and productivity. Is it time your company supported ‘Bring Your Dog to Work’ Day? Across the UK, this Friday, 21st June 2019, Managers are being encouraged to allow their staff

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  • Lena Burnett, Octopus Personnel Sew yourself the perfect career

    Sewing passion into performance: stitch yourself the perfect career

    On Sewing Machine Day, Lena Burnett, Octopus Personnel Recruitment Consultant, explains how a hobby, such as sewing, can be the gateway to a great career. Do you have something you LOVE to do?  Something that lights you up and makes your heart sing?  That is exactly how I feel about sewing!  It’s more than a

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  • Alice Weeks, Octopus Personnel Recruitment Consultant with Biscuits

    The Best Biscuit 2019!

    Which of the nation’s favourites ‘will take the biscuit’ as the best for 2019? On National Biscuit Day 2019, Alice Weeks, Octopus Personnel Trainee Recruitment Consultant, uses her extensive experience to evaluate the competitors and predict the ultimate winner. There are just under 30 different types of biscuits this year which are runners and riders

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