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  • Gillingham and Shaftesbury Show

    Well the day started off with glorious sunshine and ended as it has done for the past three years with a down pour of rain… but the Octopus Team are never ones to have their spirits dampened and we were out in force giving away Pimms and selling tickets for our balloon race with all

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  • First balloon found 150 miles away!

    How excited were we this morning to have received an email with knowledge of one of our balloons whereabouts. The balloon was found in Hertfordshire at 10.00 a.m Sunday morning. The whole office is looking forward to hearing more news on the balloons travels.

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  • Agency Workers Regulations

    Agency workers make up about 4% of the UK workforce and the new regulations – set to come into force in October – will give agency workers the same rights on basic working and employment conditions as those in equivalent permanent jobs. The regulations will apply to most workers who are provided by an agency

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  • JOB exhibition 2011

    Recruitment is about people and finding the right person for the right job. If you want to meet a team who are confident that they will be able to make searching for temporary or permanent work far less stressful for you come along to the Job exhitition at Westland Sports & Social Complex on Thursday

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