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  • The Best Student Guide to preparing for Work

    We are often asked by students how they can prepare for work and make sure they are ready for that leap into employment.  Last night, Octopus Personnel has the pleasure of meeting lots of students and parents at the Next Steps Careers Evening at Gillingham School.  Following on from their questions, Alice Weeks, Recruitment Consultant,

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  • Happiness at Work: 4 routes to building a happy and productive work culture

    For International Week of Happiness at Work 2019, Lucie, Octopus Personnel Recruitment Consultant, describes 4 ways to build a culture of happiness and fulfilment at work. It’s widely known that a happy workplace improves employees’ outcomes. When the atmosphere is friendly, work is no longer just a necessity but a pleasure. Perhaps most importantly for many

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  • Pension Power: 5 key reasons to get you saving now…

    Pension Awareness Day, Sunday 15th September 2019, is all about promoting people’s awareness of their pensions and saving for the future.  Retirement can seem a long way off and people are often confused about what’s so good about pensions and how they work.  Donna, Octopus Personnel’s Payroll & Book-Keeping Manager, suggests why you should be

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