New skills for the new normal

New skills for the new normal - Octopus Personnel

This week, the Octopus team has been focusing on setting and achieving personal goals and learning new skills – keeping ourselves motivated, well and productive.  Sandra Smart, Octopus Personnel Director, explains how developing new skills, online training, real time support and screen sharing in Teams, and a bit of fun is at the heart of the Octopus approach.

It’s the new normal – get learning!

Online training - New skills for the new normal - Octopus Personnel

Upskilling to provide flexibility and a more adaptable, cohesive team is most definitely the new normal and we’ve gone for this at Octopus in a big way!  From webinars to online courses, the whole team is driving forward!

Sandra is now (almost) full trained to take over payroll should it be needed (watch out Donna!); Rae is loving having the opportunity to support candidates over the phone and Alice is perfecting her blogs on the website.  The opportunity to learn from each other and support in different roles is proving so valuable – just a shame we all still have to make our own cups of tea!

There's no-one to make tea when you are remote working - Octopus Personnel

Jack of all trades; masters we will become

As each of us becomes ‘Jack of all trades’, there is a real opportunity for innovation and collaboration.  From conference calls to Teams meetings and chat, the opportunity to support each other in real time remotely and to pool knowledge and understanding is helping the whole team to be more responsive and prepare for the future.

Furloughed staff can still undertake training

Furloughed staff can still undertake training - Octopus Personnel

Whilst furloughed employees cannot do any work for employers, they can do volunteer work, or training if this does not provide services to or for the employer, or generate revenue for the employer.

Upskilling your team members who are furloughed not only builds flexibility and strength into your team moving forwards, it’s also a great way to ensure all team members remain engaged and see how they can contribute towards the future success of the company.  There is some government support out there for online CPD, and this is money well spent investing in the future of the business.

If we can offer support in any way, in terms of staffing, training or other advice, please do call us 01747 825568, email us or visit the website and request a call back at your convenience.

Sandra Smart

About the author

I believe that recruitment is at the heart of a growing economy and that a different type of recruitment service, with honesty, efficiency and integrity at its heart, can benefit all. Octopus Personnel is the result of hard work, focus and commitment to that vision – to delivering consistently great results for our candidates and clients alike, as well as ensuring the agency is a vibrant, inclusive, inspirational place to work and develop rewarding careers.