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The cornerstone of our success is our knowledge and special relationships we have forged with the businesses that lie within the communities that we serve. We know instinctively what many of our clients require and can act immediately to fill these vacancies regardless of whether they are temporary or permanent positions.

It is important to note that all our team are trained professionals! We are dedicated to providing a first class service and so confident are we in our abilities, we offer a unique 100% money back guarantee if our candidates don’t meet our clients expectations.

We could continue to write copious notes about what makes us different and why we are such a cost effective recruitment solution, but you’ve probably heard that already! Why not give us a call, Remember we offer a 100% guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

Pick up the phone, or simply send us an email to arrange a meeting and we can discuss your requirements.


As I was about to be made redundant from a job in Salisbury I noticed a similar local role on a part time basis- temp to perm – advertised by Octopus in Gillingham on their website which seemed to be exactly what I was looking for.

I went in one morning and received, to my surprise, immediate attention. An appointment with Sandra was made within half an hour and she kindly helped me revamp my CV in a very professional manner before sending it to the company that same day.

In the meantime the agency gave me a week’s work and Jane was very helpful to give me directions and generally making me feel welcome.

During that week I went to the interview and got the job.

The first few weeks were tough as I had to learn about the new routine and processes but Charlotte kept encouraging me all the way.

After 3 months I am now employed on a permanent basis.

Everyone at Octopus has been very helpful and has dealt with me in a respectful and professional manner including Donna who has duly answered all my payroll questions.

I am very pleased that there was a successful outcome with this job and that I did Octopus team proud.

I can honestly say that, at a time of uncertainty and vulnerability due to 2 redundancies within 10 years, I have found genuine support and encouragement all the way with Octopus and I want to thank all the team for their highly positive friendly and efficient approach.


“I am vehemently against recruitment agencies as a rule and have had only bad experiences. However, Octopus have proven to be an exception. Sandra listens to what the role will entail and hand picks candidates for the role. You can decide you need people on Monday and be interviewing by Tuesday without having to wade through the ‘wrong’ CVs. Octopus has provided administrative staff, assembly workers and specialist professionals – there seems to be no end to their resource. They are always friendly and helpful If you have lost all faith in recruitment agencies like I had, you’ll love working with Octopus”


“Sandra, I wish to express my thanks to you and your staff for all your support and assistance over the years. You have fantastic business ethics, with friendly yet highly professional staff who always source high calibre employees when needed and always so swiftly too. This can only be achieved from the time you take to listen to the needs of your Client and meeting that need. If more people approached business in this way, the world would be a far better place. Keep up the great work that you and the team achieve and THANK YOU again, it is always very much appreciated”


“We have been dealing with Octopus for a number of years to fulfil our staff requirements, especially during our busy season between March and May. They always deliver what we need and the staff in the office are extremely friendly and helpful whenever we need something extra.”

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