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The cornerstone of our success is our knowledge and special relationships we have forged with the businesses that lie within the communities that we serve. We know instinctively what many of our clients require and can act immediately to fill these vacancies regardless of whether they are temporary or permanent positions.



It is important to note that all our team are trained professionals! We are dedicated to providing a first class service and so confident are we in our abilities, we offer a unique 100% money back guarantee if our candidates don’t meet our clients expectations.

We could continue to write copious notes about what makes us different and why we are such a cost effective recruitment solution, but you’ve probably heard that already! Why not give us a call, Remember we offer a 100% guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

Pick up the phone, or simply send us an email to arrange a meeting and we can discuss your requirements.


Thank you for the quick response and for everything that the team did for me!

Adrian – Candidate

Thank you so much for finding the perfect role for me. After the closure of my place of work and the end of my role as a Production  Line Engineer, I found I couldn’t settle in a role.  After various roles in as many industries, I visited Octopus, and had a very informal chat with Lucie, who after asking a few questions, had my personality and skills evaluated easily.

She was able to match me to the perfect role!  After 12 weeks with Octopus, who kept inquiring how I was doing, I have now been fully employed by the company. So I would like to say a massive thank you for both finding my perfect role and for being readily available for questions, advice, and generally making sure I was happy in my role.

Chris – Candidate

Octopus has helped me find suitable employment at short notice every time I have used them. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a job and the staff are polite, friendly and always prompt to respond.


I would like to express my thanks to all at Octopus. Following my redundancy my confidence dropped but with the support and help received, together we have found a permanent placement.

Having worked with a number of agencies over the course of my redundancy, I must say that Octopus ensure the right decisions are made based on the candidate and I felt assured with ease of communication.

Scott – Candidate

Octopus have been really helpful finding me work quickly. Their communication with me and employers was exceptional, the staff are friendly and approachable and I have had a very positive experience getting agency work through them.

Ross – Candidate

When I met with Sandra and the team, they immediately put me at my ease, and were able to find me work the very next day which suited my knowledge and skills perfectly.

One of the companies that they had introduced me to then offered me a permanent job.  I would highly recommend Octopus Personnel for their professionalism, friendliness, flexibility and their connections with some top companies in the South West.

Judith – Candidate

Although this year, for us, has been less busy than some years, we have had the best ever support from Octopus Personnel – that is – you, Alice.  You have been extremely conscientious and have noticeably taken responsibility for our requirements to the end, maintaining contact throughout our events. You have coped with last minute changes to requirements with efficiency, calm professionalism and good humour. Without meaning to sound old-fashioned or patronising, you definitely get a Gold Star from us! Many thanks and well done.

Tom – Client

Thank you Octopus team for always finding me work and always giving me the hours I wanted.  It was such a pleasure to work for you.  Never had any problems.  I was  always very happy and I will miss you all.

Hannah – Candidate

Thank you to all for your help over the last few months, it’s been great and I am very grateful for the opportunity to work locally. I am enjoying it a great deal and have learned an awful lot in the short time I have been with the company.

Lee – Candidate

I have only ever dealt with Lucie and Lena, both of which have been more than willing to go that extra mile. They have a sense of humour and at the same time offer advice and bend over backwards to help. A credit to Octopus.

To be honest, I am looking forward to making an Octopus return.

Dave – Candidate

This was my first time working through an agency, so I can’t compare you with anyone else. But it has been total pleasure, and hassle free way of getting back into work. So, many thanks for everything you and your staff have done for me over the months.

Martin – Candidate

Thank you so much for all your help and support.  I look forward to my new role.  You all take care and a big thank you to you all again sincerely.

Mervyn – Candidate

I’m settling in well to my full time employment again and it was a great boost being able to temp and ‘try out’ the company I now work for.

I’m more than happy to recommend Octopus Personnel – my experience with yourselves has been excellent. All the staff have looked after me so well in re-introducing me to the working environment. I must make special mention of Lucie though, for whom nothing was any trouble and she epitomises the quality of service that the company provides.

I have also been particularly impressed by the accuracy and punctuality of the payment process whilst being a temp – in challenging financial times for me that service has given me great peace of mind.


Ed – Candidate

Thank you for all your efforts and support for different jobs.   I am glad to finally have a contract job.  You always try and find a vacancy.  Again, thank you all ladies.

Eric – Candidate

I first discovered Octopus Personnel when I needed to return back to work after a period of looking after my parents.  When I met with Sandra and the team, they immediately put me at my ease, and were able to find me work the very next day which suited my knowledge and skills perfectly.  Just what I needed.  When I wanted to extend my working hours, again, they found suitable placements for me working for some wonderful people.  Octopus were able to keep me working for six months, until one of the companies that they had introduced me to offered me a permanent job.  I would highly recommend Octopus Personnel for their professionalism, friendliness, flexibility and their connections with some top companies in the South West.

Judith – Candidate

Just to say thanks for the experience of working for you guys (Octopus Personnel).  Not only was everyone professional, but every contact with Octopus was done in a friendly and light hearted way.

As far as I’m concerned, you couldn’t have been more accommodating and certainly took my needs as an employee and a person into consideration with every placement, which obviously culminated in a permanent position.

Kevin – Candidate

You found me a job really quickly at a time when I was struggling to find one.  Everyone was really lovely and friendly whenever I came in and responded to any questions I had via the phone or email.  You always kept me updated on pay slips and if anything was changing. I’ll miss seeing everyone in the office a lot!  Thank you.

Holly – Candidate

I was made redundant in 2015 and my original attempts to return to work in 2018 were rather unsuccessful until I contacted Octopus Personnel.  I was lacking confidence, not sure what I really wanted to do or how I would fit in to a new role.

That first meeting with yourselves, where you quickly gave me confidence, encouraged me how to re-write my CV, and immediately started to provide possible placements was such a boost for me.  Your staff are always so friendly when I walk in with my timesheets, I’m extremely grateful for the support you have provided to me in getting me back in work.

Ed – Candidate

After recovering from heart surgery in 2017, I was advised to make a career change, so one day in late February 2018, I dropped in to the Octopus Recruitment office in Gillingham.

I had been registered with them for a few years but had never used them , so after updating my details and informing them of my situation went back the next day for an interview.  Two days later, I attended an interview with Sigma Aldrich Ltd, part of Merck, which went very well and I was offered a job the same day as a temp/full time Picker and Packer.  I started work the same week.

I continued to work for Sigma Aldrich Ltd, part of Merck, for the next six months being trained as a Picker, Packer and, more recently, as a Fork Lift Driver.  I was offered a full-time contract starting October 2018, so my time with Octopus has been a very positive experience giving me a fresh start at a new career.

Martin – Candidate

Sandra shows a very personal interest in perspective candidates. Her business team actually meet the clients before sharing anything. They want to know the person they are representing. I was asked to take some tests, which was useful and I would suggest Sandra’s ethic is very professional, wanting to really understand the candidate and aim to place them with a company whose culture might also suit their personality. Sandra goes the extra mile and is so far quite unique in her approach and it is appreciated.

Adrian – Candidate

Job seeking can be rather stressful and feel hopeless at times; that was at least my experience until I contacted Octopus Personnel. From the very first phone conversation I have been so well looked after by Charlotte and her team! She took the time to get to know me and my background, and recognised my skills, strengths and personality. No longer did I feel like I had to struggle to get a foot in the door with companies, as Octopus is so skillful in finding the right match and putting you forward in such a professional and friendly way. As soon as a suitable job became available, Charlotte phoned me and put me forward for the job. I have really landed on my feet, with a lovely company and a great team to work with! I can highly recommend registering with Octopus Personnel as they will guide you along the way and will help you find THE job for you.

Eva – Candidate

All the staff at Octopus Personnel are so willing to help and have given me some great advice. After leaving school and having a few short lasting full time jobs, the octopus staff helped me to find an amazing opportunity at a trusted company in a job role that is highly suited to me and my strengths. They were always there to listen and focused on finding me a role that I would really enjoy with opportunities for further development. I would recommend Octopus Personnel to anyone seeking a new career!

Emily – Candidate

Having worked for the same company for 23 years, I had recruited many staff over the years but when I decided it was time for a career change of my own I was nervous about going through the recruitment process myself.
Octopus Personnel had been highly recommended by a friend, so I contacted them in my search to find a new role.
Sandra and her staff were efficient, friendly and helpful, and in no time, I was matched with a role which was then offered to me in the first interview. Due to my search being successful so quickly, my relationship with Octopus was short but very sweet, and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again in the future.

Mel – Candidate

As I was about to be made redundant from a job in Salisbury I noticed a similar local role on a part time basis- temp to perm – advertised by Octopus in Gillingham on their website which seemed to be exactly what I was looking for.

I went in one morning and received, to my surprise, immediate attention. An appointment with Sandra was made within half an hour and she kindly helped me revamp my CV in a very professional manner before sending it to the company that same day.

In the meantime the agency gave me a week’s work and Jane was very helpful to give me directions and generally making me feel welcome.

During that week I went to the interview and got the job.

The first few weeks were tough as I had to learn about the new routine and processes but Charlotte kept encouraging me all the way.

After 3 months I am now employed on a permanent basis.

Everyone at Octopus has been very helpful and has dealt with me in a respectful and professional manner including Donna who has duly answered all my payroll questions.

I am very pleased that there was a successful outcome with this job and that I did Octopus team proud.

I can honestly say that, at a time of uncertainty and vulnerability due to 2 redundancies within 10 years, I have found genuine support and encouragement all the way with Octopus and I want to thank all the team for their highly positive friendly and efficient approach.

Corinne – Candidate

I am vehemently against recruitment agencies as a rule and have had only bad experiences. However, Octopus have proven to be an exception. Sandra listens to what the role will entail and hand picks candidates for the role. You can decide you need people on Monday and be interviewing by Tuesday without having to wade through the ‘wrong’ CVs. Octopus has provided administrative staff, assembly workers and specialist professionals – there seems to be no end to their resource. They are always friendly and helpful.  If you have lost all faith in recruitment agencies like I had, you’ll love working with Octopus.

Nick – Client

Sandra, I wish to express my thanks to you and your staff for all your support and assistance over the years. You have fantastic business ethics, with friendly yet highly professional staff who always source high calibre employees when needed and always so swiftly too. This can only be achieved from the time you take to listen to the needs of your Client and meeting that need. If more people approached business in this way, the world would be a far better place. Keep up the great work that you and the team achieve and THANK YOU again, it is always very much appreciated.

Linda – Client

“We have been dealing with Octopus for a number of years to fulfil our staff requirements, especially during our busy season between March and May. They always deliver what we need and the staff in the office are extremely friendly and helpful whenever we need something extra.”

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