Karen – October 2018

Karen has been a real success story.  When she first registered with Octopus, she had not worked for a very long time and was keen to secure something to get her back within the work place.  Shy and reserved, we knew we had to find just the right placement for Karen.

After an initial setback, we found a client who could appreciate Karen’s skills and her confidence slowly grew.  Karen has now been offered a permanent position!  We are so proud to have been able to support Karen to achieve her goals.

Congratulations Karen!!

Lucie Golbourn

About the author

I oversee all parts of the Octopus machine. From registering candidates to site visits with clients, I love the fast-paced challenge of it all. Leading by example, we are not just recruiters; we are sourcing advisors, which means we are able to act as a friend who can efficiently guide you through productive recruitment drives.

I love being a crazy cat lady, whilst taking mindful moments and balancing on my head! Check out my blog about using mindfulness to drive productivity. Yoga anyone?