Job Seeking through Social Media in 2021

Job Seeking with Social Media in 2021

Job seeking through social media in 2021 is a vital skill, with 79% of job applicants using social media in their job search and 1 in 10 successfully finding their job this way.  So much more than mindlessly scrolling through cute cat videos, you could be a few tweets away from landing yourself that dream role! Employers believe that social media marketing will be the most in-demand HR skill so it’s time to start polishing up those skills!  Our Marketing Manager, Rae Britton, recommends using professional social media as a key part of your career management and offers her top tips to help you make new contacts, find new job opportunities and improve your professional reputation – especially in such a competitive job market.

Social media continues to be a major part of our lives in 2021.  More and more employers are looking to social media to hire, with 70% of hiring managers saying they’ve successfully hired with social media to give them background information on job seekers. It’s estimated now that 90% of hiring professionals have viewed social networking profiles as part of their screening process, but social media is still an underused tool by many jobseekers. Here are some simple ways to tune up your social media to make sure it represents you as well as possible and to make the most of it your job search and career.

Think before you tweet - Job Seeking with Social Media in 2021

1. Think before you tweet

You should always use social media responsibly, treat everyone with respect and avoid sharing anything that you don’t want to be seen by a current or future employer.  To make sure you make a good impression, you should run a social media audit of your own online presence before you embark on a job search.

You should think carefully about who you connect with, the content you share and where you share it.  Decide what you want to use each platform for, whether you want to interact with colleagues on Facebook or you want to remain purely professional on LinkedIn, and then adjust your privacy settings accordingly.  Spring clean your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and check your privacy settings to ensure anything you want to remain private is not viewable.  You should always check your employer’s social media policy before setting up any profiles mentioning them.

Remember that employers often do a social media search as part of the recruitment process, so even if you only use your Facebook for personal reasons, make sure it doesn’t let you down.

How to clean up your social media before starting your job search

  • make your accounts private
  • delete questionable photos and posts
  • Google yourself in an incognito window
  • deactivate accounts you don’t use
  • choose a current profile photo
  • update your headlines
  • check your follows
  • treat others as you want to be treated.

Create an Online Portfolio - Job Seeking with Social Media in 2021

2. Create an Online Portfolio

To use your social media proactively during your job search, the first step should be to create a tailored blog, portfolio website or social media page to showcase your work.

If you want to be a journalist, for example, in only 20 minutes you could create a simple website or blog showcasing your articles or you could create a YouTube video or an online infographic about your experience and interests.

With an engaging online portfolio, you can quickly direct potential employers to your best work and impress them with your skills. You can then share the site on your social media pages and pin it to the top of your Facebook and Twitter to get your work noticed.

Sell your Skills and Experience - Job Seeking with Social Media in 2021

3. Sell your skills and experience

Whilst you should always tailor your CV to individual roles, your LinkedIn profile needs to have broader appeal.  Recruiters and employers pay close attention to LinkedIn so make sure you emphasise your transferable skills and experience, both of which you should  and give examples. Think about the key words employers or recruiters will look for, and don’t use clichéd buzzwords or jargon.

Don’t forget to check your spelling and grammar and make sure that as your career moves and develops you keep your online profile up-to-date.  To make a real difference in an hour, use our article on the perfect, proactive LinkedIn profile.

Grow your network - Job Seeking with Social Media in 2021

4. Grow your network to grow your knowledge

Having decided on the right channels and developed your profile, you are ready to use these channels to develop your knowledge and grow your network.

Finding groups run by institutes relevant to your field is a good place to start. You should also follow employers you are interested in, recruiters you have worked with, and business and economic news channels to make sure you stay well informed.

Once you have developed your network, you can start sharing interesting news and articles and contribute to group discussions, helping you extend your network and grow your industry profile.  Another bonus is that time spent researching and posting relevant articles you find interesting and keeping up with the sorts of developments and challenges your industry is facing is also excellent preparation for any upcoming job interviews.

Do your homework - Job Seeking with Social Media in 2021

5. Do your homework

Whilst you’ll already be well informed now about current news in your industry through social media, it is also a great research tool when preparing for specific interviews.  Social media is equally important for businesses and most organisations will share their latest news and announcements through their social media channels, so show your enthusiasm for the role and your fit for the company by keeping up-to-date.

Be understated about your job search - Job Seeking with Social Media in 2021

6. Be understated about Job Seeking on Social Media

Whilst utilising social networks to find a job is the aim of the game, you want to seem focused and professional and not appear desperate for any job going. Lots of “please hire me” tweets will reflect negatively on you and, unfortunately, drown out any intelligent discussions you may have previously had – not the impression you are seeking to create!

You want to present yourself as a proactive and knowledgeable person, keeping an eye on opportunities and engaging directly with relevant people along the way.

Be creative when posting online. Pitching an idea, story or project that would be of interest to the company is a great tactic and demonstrates that you’re a self-starter, engaged and well-informed.  What more could they want?

Be up front - Job Seeking with Social Media in 2021

7.  Be up front

Whether it’s your LinkedIn Profile or Twitter handle, now you have invested the time and effort to make your online profile demonstrate your skills and interests sharing your handle is a great way to show employers your personality, and having the confidence to invite others in will make a great first impression.

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