Is January the best time to job hunt?

Lucie, Octopus Personnel Recruitment Consultant, explains why this January is the perfect time to search for your new job or embark on your dream career.

Is your New Year’s resolution to find that perfect new job? Have you been inspired by the success of your friends and want to achieve more? Do you need that salary to get married or to go travelling more regularly? Is 2019 the year for that career move?

Year on year, January shows a rapid increase in applications and people searching for new jobs. Should you be on the BIG January job hunt?

Whilst the return to the 9 – 5 routine is tough for everyone, these January blues can often be masking a deeper issue – you aren’t fulfilled at work. Every year, we experience our highest volume of applications in January (and our highest volume of vacancies) – so now is the perfect time to begin your search for your dream job.

Take Stock

New year is the time to take stock. Ask yourself: Why aren’t you happy at work? Does your year ahead look identical to the year just gone? Is the challenge maintaining your interest? Are you still waiting for that ever-promised promotion? Is the commute drudge getting too much? Whatever the reason, make sure you identify what it is leaving you unfulfilled.

Once you are clear what is frustrating you at work, you are ready to make your new role shopping list. However, be realistic – what is essential for you to be fulfilled at work? In our interviews daily, we often hear the same things: better work-life balance, a new challenge, opportunity for promotion. These are all very valid requirements but make sure you are really clear about what that means for you.

Will your work-life balance come from a move closer to home/ a commute in the car/flexible hours? Is your challenge to manage a bigger team or to move into a different area altogether? Being clear about your requirements allows us to find the perfect position for you and ensures you aren’t feeling the same next January!

Making that first step

Whilst there’s no such thing as the perfect C.V., a good resume is half the battle. Here are some top tips for when you’re making updates:

  • Put yourself in your prospective employer’s shoes. What would you like to see on a CV? Do your research for your chosen field of employment.
  • Don’t just assume an employer will see how your experience relates to their industry or job. Instead, use a short personal statement to explain why you are the best person for the role.
  • Does your CV read like a job specification? If so, add detail – projects worked on, size and scale of clients, volumes and values of work, key achievements etc.
  • Do the maths – This may sound dull but by backing up your achievements with numbers it makes selling yourself much easier. When writing your work history, don’t just say that you increased sales; tell them you increased sales by 70% over a six month period.
  • Make it clear and concise – Cut out the casual bar work you did in 2015 but make sure your most recent role is detailed and engaging.
  • Avoid the cover letter – if you are considering multiple career options then write variations of your CV instead. The average reader will look at a CV for 5-7 seconds and will disregard a cover letter entirely.
Erin Belmont

About the author

I look after the marketing for Octopus – from the social media and website you see online to the events we put on throughout the year.

I love being in the middle of things, soaking up the lively dynamic atmosphere. The team at Octopus really care about our job searchers and clients and do everything they can to understand everyone’s needs and make intelligent and productive job matches. Their drive and fun loving spirit inspire me every day!