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Sandra Smart, Octopus Personnel’s Director, explains how managers and leaders can inspire during #lockdown2020 and build their teams with the resilience, creativity and strength to navigate coming challenges.

This week the nations hearts have been captured by Captain Tom Moore walking 100 laps of his garden to raise money for the NHS and raising over £17m!  His resilience, determination and humble approach have inspired and comforted many that everyone doing their part can make a difference.

How can we inspire our teams to get the best out of them too?  How can we ensure that, in Captain Tom’s words, ‘Tomorrow will be a better day?’

Tomorrow will be a good day - Inspiring a team with Octopus Personnel

How can we be inspiring for our teams?

Especially working remotely, what do we need to do differently as managers?  How can we get the best out of our staff and lead through challenges?  Here are my ten top tips:

  1. Heighten communication – mini catch ups throughout the day keep everyone on board and focused on the targets for the day.
  2. Simple focus for the day – short sharp tasks and realistic goals which can be reviewed quickly
  3. Use your team – play to people’s strengths and innate abilities, be flexible
  4. Define success – short, sharp, focused, fulfilling tasks
  5. Praise, praise, praise – make sure people know they are valued and how they can contribute, then they will!
  6. Coach, don’t criticise
  7. Look after your people. Remember the details they share with you and the challenges they are balancing.
  8. Show the strength, resilience and good humour you need from them
  9. Constantly talk about your future vision – now is the time to innovate so make sure everyone is on board.
  10. Stay upbeat and reach out to other leaders, build a powerful network for the future.

So we are reaching out to you.  Let’s build this network of leaders together.  What’s inspiring you? How can we help?  What do you need right now?  Let’s chat  on 01747 825568, email us or visit the website and request a call back at your convenience.

Together we are stronger.  If you would like to donate to Captain Tom’s Just Giving page, please click here.


Sandra Smart

About the author

I believe that recruitment is at the heart of a growing economy and that a different type of recruitment service, with honesty, efficiency and integrity at its heart, can benefit all. Octopus Personnel is the result of hard work, focus and commitment to that vision – to delivering consistently great results for our candidates and clients alike, as well as ensuring the agency is a vibrant, inclusive, inspirational place to work and develop rewarding careers.