Get to know us – Katherine

Want to get to know us a little better? Well now you can!


At Octopus Personnel we think of ourselves as being in the people business and we love to really get to know our job hunters and clients so we can do our best to help. It seems only fair that you can get to know us as well!

I asked our team at Octopus Personnel some questions to find out a little more about them.

First up is our newest member Katherine!

Katherine joined us at the end of October as one of our Recruitment Consultants and she’s already flying like an eagle!

  1. Coffee or tea?

    Definitely tea all the way!  Has to be milky though.

  2. Starter, main or pudding?

    Main course is definitely the best part of meal for me.  Sometimes, on the downside I don’t leave room for pudding as I love a generous helping!

  3. If your pet could talk to you, what do you think they would say?

    Being the proud owner of four guinea-pigs, I think they would ask me when the next meal is coming or better still, if I could just leave the fridge open for them.  Their appetite is quite insatiable!

  4. Book or movie?

    These days I am so busy juggling work and family life that it would have to be a great film.  I love a good comedy, rom-com or a period drama like Bridgerton.

  5. What’s your favourite time of the year?

    I actually love summertime and Christmas the most.  The smell of freshly cut grass, BBQ sausages and light nights give me such a positive vibe.  But I also love a real Christmas tree in my lounge, the house in full decoration and snuggling up all warm and cosy with a cheeky glass of Advocaat!

  6. If you could live a day as any one animal, which one would you choose?

    A bird of prey would be my ideal animal as I would absolutely love to fly.  The higher the better.  Total freedom and a great view.  Not sure I’d enjoy eating mice though!

  7. Name something you’d love to learn?

    Salsa dancing.  I used to do ballet as a child and never had any dance classes since.  I was always keen on dance so would love a Salsa club to open in Gillingham.

  8. Do you have any secret talents?

    I used to be a Mortgage Adviser which is how I first began interviewing clients.  Also, 20 years ago I wanted to learn more about hair, so I trained as a Hairdresser at evening school just for fun.

  9. What do you love most about Octopus?

    The team are absolutely fantastic here at Octopus.  Everyone has been so welcoming to me and even though I still feel new to this role, the support and encouragement from Sandra and the team has been so reassuring.  The same level of care and support is mirrored in our client and candidate interactions which is what sets us apart as a brand.

  10. Finish this sentence: “It’s never too late to…”

    Start exercising. During covid-19 I started following Lucy Wyndham-Read 7-minute videos to speed up metabolism and burn calories.  Being in lockdown meant that I was not able to get out and about as much as usual and found myself chained to my desk.  I still do these short videos every day to boost energy levels, reduce stress and feel motivated before and after work.


Erin Belmont

About the author

I look after the marketing for Octopus – from the social media and website you see online to the events we put on throughout the year.

I love being in the middle of things, soaking up the lively dynamic atmosphere. The team at Octopus really care about our job searchers and clients and do everything they can to understand everyone’s needs and make intelligent and productive job matches. Their drive and fun loving spirit inspire me every day!