Blue Monday? Try being Mindful

Image of a Blue Stone saying Beat Blue Monday - Forget Blue Monday: Get Mindful!

For Blue Monday, Lucie, Octopus Personnel Office Manager, describes 5 ways to be more mindful, whether you are in the office or WFH, and take care of your mental health.

Today is Blue Monday, a name for the day in January (typically the third Monday of the month) claimed to be the most depressing day of the year.  There is, however, no scientific evidence to back this claim up – it originated in marketing campaign designed to get you to buy a holiday.  This year’s Blue Monday may be harder than most we’ve seen, but there are still things we can do, even when working from home, to help reframe our mood.

We all have ‘good and bad’ days

Everyone’s mental health fluctuates.  There can also be some seasonal variation, for example, in Winter, when bodily changes affecting our hormones can impact our eating and sleeping patterns and our mood.  The shorter days make it harder to exercise and the long, cold nights can make us crave poor food choices.  Whilst these effects can be compounded by Lockdown, many of us have managed to make some small changes during these times to help us prioritise our well being.  Small changes lead to big impacts if you keep going.

Looking after your Mental Health whilst at home

Although many of the social and physical activities we love are not currently available to us, it helps to try and see Lockdown as a different period in your life, not necessarily a bad one.  Stay in contact with the people who matter to you – although you’ll need to connect in different ways such as Zoom, social media, email or on the phone.  Take time to notice some of the benefits of this new rhythm of life and create a daily routine which prioritises looking after yourself – ensure this routine includes self-care during work hours.

Beat Blue Monday!

If you don’t want to let Blue Monday get you down today, why not take some positive steps?  Your mental health should be a priority every single day, so check out my simple 5 step guide to using mindfulness to improve your mental health at work.

Infographic - 5 Ways to be more mindful - Octopus Personnel Guide to Mindful Working

If your job, or lack of one, is the thing that’s affecting your mood, why not come and see Octopus Personnel?  We take the well-being of our staff and candidates seriously.  Years of industry expertise, a healthy dose of mindfulness and outstanding relationships with our clients, means we are perfectly positioned within the market to help you find the perfect role.  Register now here or call the office on 01747 825568 to find out how we can support you whether you are looking for temporary or permanent employment.

Lucie Octopus Personnel Recruitment Consultant

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