Charity ‘Schoolinabag’ Bags arrive on location!

There was real excitement in the Octopus office today – the ‘SchoolinaBag’ bags we raised funds for have reached their school! We are so proud to see the children with their bags!

A massive Thank You to our clients, candidates, friends and visitors to our stand at The Gillingham & Shaftesbury Show. Raising the massive £1400.00 was amazing – our target was to be able to buy 20 bags but, due to your generosity, we have been able to buy 70 Schoolinabag Bags for under privileged children to receive.

According to UNICEF figures, 20% of the world’s child population will never attend school. School in a Bag is a simple solution created to help poor, orphan, vulnerable and disaster affected children throughout the world. Each SchoolBag is filled with stationery, learning resources and eating utensils that will enable a child to write, draw, colour, calculate, express themselves and above all learn. An education for these children could be their passport to a life out of hardship and poverty.

If you would like to get involved in supporting this fantastic charity, please visit

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