Simply put, we’re match makers!

We put people who want to work in touch with employers who have jobs to offer, however nothing is as simple as it seems.

The trick is making sure that a candidate’s skills, qualifications and personality match those required by clients, it’s this match making ability that Octopus Personnel do so well and why as a consequence we are one of the fastest growing recruitment and employment agencies in the South West of England.

To ensure a perfect match, we personally interview and reference check each and every candidate to assess their suitability. If you’re an employer then it’s this attention to detail that ensures you will only see candidates that have met the specified selection criteria. For you the job seeker, it means we can find you the most appropriate job that meets your skills sets, quickly and without fuss.

Our service is quick, efficient and above all cost effective! What’s our secret? We love what we do and we get a genuine kick out of changing people’s lives for the better and by helping our clients to grow and expand their businesses.

Whether you’re looking for work or looking for workers, we’re here to help so give us a call.