A Christmas Gift of Hope: School in a Bag

Christmas is traditionally a time of joy, family, faith, hope, and charity. For the second year in a row, Octopus Personnel are supporting ‘School in a Bag’ through our Christmas Gifts for our clients.  Rather than a hamper of Christmas goodies, which last but a moment on the lips, these bags will help provide an educational lifeline to bring children out of poverty.

At the Pop-Up Shop

The Octopus team were at the Yeovil School in a Bag pop-up shop last night to pack the 17 bags we have purchased. Liz talked us through the process and much festive fun was had!

Education for All

However, there is a very serious message here. According to UNICEF figures, almost 20% of the world’s child population will never attend school. This is a shocking statistic! Globally, there are millions of underprivileged children deprived of the essential resources to help them learn due to poverty and disasters.

On an individual basis, an opportunity to learn and an education for these children could be their lifeline to a future out of poverty. On a global scale, educating the future generation is a key force towards human development and global stability. In the immediate aftermath of a disaster, displaced children are often faced with trauma, grief and shock. The contents of a SchoolBag can therefore play an important role in the emotional rehabilitation process for children, allowing them to express their feelings by writing or drawing and help assist in the set-up of temporary schools to give these children a sense of normality.

Charity of Choice

Having supported School in a Bag throughout the year, it is so rewarding to see the children’s faces when they have received their bag and can actually begin learning again. (See our blog about previous bags here). We will be sending out the tracking numbers to our clients over the next week – so look out for yours!

Sandra Smart

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