5 Reasons to work on Boxing Day

There are numerous opportunities with employers and agencies to work on Boxing Day and there are some distinct advantages of snapping up that chance and working!

1) HIGHER RATES OF PAY – while your employer isn’t obliged by law to pay more to staff working on Boxing Day, most of them do out of appreciation and most of them raise rates of pay quite considerably! On top of that if you are working in a hospitality environment it’s likely that all of your customers are going to be in very high spirits which in turn often means tips!

2) Avoid another day of organised family ‘fun’. The average UK household will have 6 arguments on Christmas day… do you really want to endure ANOTHER day of that. Equally by Boxing Day, everyone is likely to be tired and/or nursing a hangover and possiblly still holding a grudge from the Christmas day arguments… generally not a great environment to be in for the second day in a row.

3) On average people consume 7000 calories on Christmas Day. That’s at least 3 times your recommended daily intake! Boxing Day doesn’t tend to be a huge amount healthier. Instead of spending another day over indulging in all the food that you probably ate the day before anyway, why not burn off someone those calories at work. It’s likely if you are working on Boxing Day you are in the retail or hospitality sectors, where you will be on your feet and busy all day!

4) Free entry to some on the best events. Rather than hustling with the crowds and paying for (usually over priced) entry, get paid to be there! In retail you’ll be in the shop long before anyone else to nab the best deals and in hospitality, you could be working at someone the most exclusive events in the country.

5) New Years Eve is less than a week away. You’re bank account may be looking a little bit sad following the Christmas spending frenzy and we all know that the prices going out on New Years Eve are far more expensive than your average night out. As a temp, working on Boxing Day, you will get paid on New Years Eve, meaning you’ll have a fresh influx of money to welcome in 2016 in style!

So why not give it a go this year? We have an opportunity for waiting, bar and kitchen staff this Boxing Day paying up to £13.23ph. Give Charlotte or Holly a call and they will be able to run over the details with you!

Sandra Smart

About the author

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