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Would temporary work suit me?

Temping means you control your hours and how often you work! You fit work around your life rather than life around work. Temping often means you get a chance to access to a variety of duties which will develop vital skills and enhance you CV Temporary work gives you the opportunity to explore your career options and try out various different roles, a sort of try before you buy!

Temp work often means you have a foot in the door should a permanent position become available. Temporary employees enjoy the same basic working and employment conditions that they would receive if they were a permanent employee doing the same job, limited to pay and conditions. Temp jobs open up a world of opportunity, sometimes the least expected opportunity can lead to a life changing career change.

If you would like know more about Temporary Working and whether it's right for you please call us on 01747 825661.

Post Image Derek - January 2012

Derek - January 2012

Derek - Dedicated, Determined and Down Right Charming Although Derek’s CV depicts 36 years of experience as an aircraft engineer, during registration he made it clear that he would consider any type of work, temporary or permanent. We were able to test Derek’s determination and placed him with a client in the food industry, a role completely outside of anything he would have ever experienced in his career. Testimony to Derek’s attitude, flexibility and reliability, we were delighted to inform him recently that our client wished to make him a permanent member of their team. Thank you Derek, you really did mean it when you said “offer me any type of assignment so that I can earn a wage”!

Post Image Paul - December 2011

Paul - December 2011

Paul Cleavin - A man of many talents! Paul registered with us earlier in the year after relocating from London, he immediately accepted assignments that had little or no connection to his skills set, but he was willing to give anything a go. Alongside of getting himself to assignments, he has often provided lifts for other temps to allow them to work as well. He has done this without hesitation, ensuring they arrive and return home safely. Thank you Paul, we are more than grateful!

Post Image Iwona - November 2011

Iwona - November 2011

Iwona Jasinowska - Our Somerset Star! Iwona has been assigned to the same Client since March 2011. When a call arrives in our office to supply them temporary staff, one of the first temps they request is always Iwona. Iwona never fails to accept work, sometimes at very short notice. Our Client reports she is a diligent, accurate and speedy worker who has become a valued member of their team. Please enjoy your vouchers, they are more than deserved!

Post Image Paul - October 2011

Paul - October 2011

Paul Morris - Lighting up the world! Paul’s initial assignment for us was during last Winter whilst we were all battling with snow and ice, he worked in adverse conditions to help our Clients fulfil their order book. Paul then accepted an assignment for a local lighting company, he has since returned twice to this Client who has provided excellent feedback on his attendance, timekeeping and quality of work. Thank you Paul for being such a hardworking and reliable candidate.

Post Image Guy - September 2011

Guy - September 2011

Guy - What a fantasic temp! Guy has under taken various assignments for us over the years whilst attending university, he has always proven to always be reliable, flexible and trustworthy, all qualities we look for in our temporary workers, but what really made him stand out to us was the fact he came back from university to complete a last minute temporary assignment we had come in. Thank you for all your hard work Guy, it is much appreciated.

Post Image Emily - August 2011

Emily - August 2011

Emily – Thank you for all your hard work! Emily you have received outstanding feedback from our client. We are in receipt of an l email describing you as the most impressive temporary staff member they have ever employed. You have a brilliant attitude and skill set, and we are delighted that you are part of the Octopus temp team.

Post Image Myleen - May 2011

Myleen - May 2011

Myleen – Service with a smile Myleen has been temping for us since January, and what a joy it’s been to have her out representing us. Our client has nothing but praise for her and her flexible can do attitude. Well done and thank you for all your hard work.

Post Image Tom - July 2011

Tom - July 2011

Tom – Who says youngsters dont’ want to work? No matter where Tom works he is a hit – as a student he has completed 5 assignments for us and is booked up for the next few weeks – he goes from one assignment to another – working any hours needed including Saturdays, our clients are almost fighting over him! Tom we can’t thank you enough – we all say in the office ‘we need another Tom’ – make sure you keep in touch once you return to Uni and let us know when you are back in the area.

Post Image Trudy - June 2011

Trudy - June 2011

Trudy – How have we managed without you! At a drop of a hat Trudy will juggle the balls with her hectic home life to ensure she never lets us down. Trudy you are a great temp, nothing it too much trouble for you - you are hardworking, reliable with a great sense of humour - thanks we really appreciate all your efforts – make sure YOU spend the vouchers on YOU