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Would temporary work suit me?

Temping means you control your hours and how often you work! You fit work around your life rather than life around work. Temping often means you get a chance to access to a variety of duties which will develop vital skills and enhance you CV Temporary work gives you the opportunity to explore your career options and try out various different roles, a sort of try before you buy!

Temp work often means you have a foot in the door should a permanent position become available. Temporary employees enjoy the same basic working and employment conditions that they would receive if they were a permanent employee doing the same job, limited to pay and conditions. Temp jobs open up a world of opportunity, sometimes the least expected opportunity can lead to a life changing career change.

If you would like know more about Temporary Working and whether it's right for you please call us on 01747 825661.

Post Image Marsha - December 2012

Marsha - December 2012

Marsha is our star, she registered with us and before she left the office she had an interview and got the job! She has proven to be a real asset and the feedback that has been received has been outstanding. Marsha has had a double celebration this month not only was she our temp of the month she has also celebrated her birthday on the same day. So thank you and congratulations Marsha and Happy Birthday from all of us at Octopus Personnel.

Post Image Paul - November 2012

Paul - November 2012

Paul thank you for all your commitment and hard work, since registering with us Paul has completed several assignments and has even taken on 2 assignments at the same time. Paul is outgoing and friendly and always demonstrates a positive attitude, it is our pleasure to present with this award. Keep up the good work! Well done !!

Post Image Jean Marc - October 2012

Jean Marc - October 2012

Jean Marc (known as Jonny) has completed many assignments with us and with every assignment he gives it 100%, he has proven to be hardworking, reliable and a trustworthy worker. Jonny enjoys working and is always positive when it comes to the next assignment he sees it as a new challenge we always receive positive feedback from every client. A well deserved award congratulations Jonny !!!!

Post Image Dianne - September 2012

Dianne - September 2012

Dianne is a very bubbly candidate with a great attitude, happy to undertake any role and suburb a team player, she has completed many assignments with us varying from working in HR to Admin assistant and always ready for the next assignment. Great Job !!

Post Image Sonia - August 2012

Sonia - August 2012

Sonia registered with us in 2010 and is a friendly outgoing person who likes to use her initiative in the work place and enjoys diversity in the jobs she has been assigned, from cooking burgers to mixing sauces Sonia is always available. Good Job Sonia! A well deserved award and thank you for all your hard work and for always being a positive valued member of the team.

Post Image Emma - June 2012

Emma - June 2012

Emma registered with me in Dec 2011 and within a week we had her in an assignment and she has been there ever since – she is one of those people who just gets her head down and gets on with it, dealing with all the challenges thrown at her and still keeping a smile on her face. Well done Emma this award is well deserved; thank you for being such a hard working temp!

Post Image Martin - July 2012

Martin - July 2012

Martin has been great since the first day he registered with us – he had not got home before we called him back to the office to go out to work for us. True to his word he has done everything we have asked of him. His ability to adapt to the work environment he is presented with is amazing – he has gone from waiting tables at a top end wedding to rouging (picking wild oats) for local farmers. Thank you so much Martin, once you have completed the exciting assignment we have lined up for you at the Olympics, I hope to secure a permanent placement. Well done!

Post Image Jakub - May 2012

Jakub - May 2012

Jakub does not know the meaning of the word NO! Every time we call him with an offer of work he says YES – even at VERY short notice. When we ask how he is he says “good, waiting for you to call”. Jakub has proved to be hard working, flexible in fact a good all rounder, nothing is too much trouble – Thank you Jakub it’s great to have you in the team!

Post Image James - April 2012

James - April 2012

Hardworking and so very Unassuming James could probably be listed as one of the most unassuming candidates on our books, but underneath this very quiet exterior lies a determined, reliable and hardworking young man. We have tested our theory by offering James the most diverse of roles over the past few months from washing up, repackaging cuts of meat and envelope stuffing! All these far removed from his training in the hospitality trade. Aside of being an excellent temp, James has been generous enough to offer lifts to others without their own transport to enable them to get to an assignment. Thank you James, we wish you every success in your new role in the retail trade.