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Would temporary work suit me?

Temping means you control your hours and how often you work! You fit work around your life rather than life around work. Temping often means you get a chance to access to a variety of duties which will develop vital skills and enhance you CV Temporary work gives you the opportunity to explore your career options and try out various different roles, a sort of try before you buy!

Temp work often means you have a foot in the door should a permanent position become available. Temporary employees enjoy the same basic working and employment conditions that they would receive if they were a permanent employee doing the same job, limited to pay and conditions. Temp jobs open up a world of opportunity, sometimes the least expected opportunity can lead to a life changing career change.

If you would like know more about Temporary Working and whether it's right for you please call us on 01747 825661.

Post Image John - June 2014

John - June 2014

John has worked a number of short term assignments for us. He has proved himself to be reliable, dependable and hard working. John has a cheerful nature and is always happy to go the extra mile which has resulted in long term work. Well done John and thank you!

Post Image Kevin - May 2014

Kevin - May 2014

Kevin took the 12 week assignment willingly and was happy to be working. He didn’t mind about the travelling and always kept in touch with updates of how things were going. He unfortunately had car accident at the very start of his assignment and called straight away to show his concern for letting our client down. He quickly got himself a hire car which meant only missing a few days. He is reliable and easy going and very friendly. A lovely candidate and a well deserved temp of the month!

Post Image Hanna - April 2014

Hanna - April 2014

Hanna is one of our long standing temporary workers and has always been reliable and flexible as well as hard working with a brilliant attitude. Hanna has been working part time through Octopus for nearly a year and we receive excellent feedback on a weekly basis for her quality of work. Well done Hanna and thank you

Post Image Michael - March 2014

Michael - March 2014

Michael recently relocated to the area and luckily for Octopus, he registered with us and we found the perfect assignment for him. We have had fantastic feedback from his Manager due to his hard work, pro-active attitude and ability to work well with the team. Many thanks Michael for your continued commitment and motivation

Post Image Tristan - February 2014

Tristan - February 2014

Tristan registered with Octopus last May and we quickly placed him in a temp assignment. 9 months later and he’s still there, with a client that’s very happy with him. We have had nothing but positive feedback about Tristan. He continues to work hard and stay loyal. Many thanks Tristan for your ongoing hard work and being a great representation for Octopus.

Post Image Anthony - Janaury 2014

Anthony - Janaury 2014

Anthony came to Octopus after being out of work for sometime due a serious injury. We found Anthony work in an area he really enjoys and we have seen his confidence soar. Anthony goes above and beyond in the workplace helping to supervise as necessary and even helps out fellow workers with lifts. Thank you Anthony and it’s great to see you back out at work!

Post Image Simon - December 2013

Simon - December 2013

Simon started as a temp with one of our clients and was quickly offered a permanent position having proved his expertise and skills. He is now a valuable asset within the team. We are sad to lose him as a temp but happy he was recognised as temp of the month.

Post Image India - November 2013

India - November 2013

India registered with us earlier in the year looking for summer work to fill the gap between her winter sports. Since then she has completed a number of short term assignments and for the past few months has been in an on-going role. We have had excellent feedback for her work and great attitude! India has been a joy to work with and we would like to wish her Bonne chance back on the slopes… we are not very jealous at all!!

Post Image Tom - July 2013

Tom - July 2013

Tom first registered with us after graduating and we found him work instantly. He has been reliable and a joy to deal with and our client has nothing but praise for him. Well done Tom!